On January 28, 2017, Bob’s Red Mill Natural Foods Integrative Medicine Scholarship finalist and Oregon College of Oriental Medicine (OCOM) student, Diego Garcia, took home the top prize among all the student representatives. The panel, composed of other finalists from OHSU, University of Western States, National University of Natural Medicine, and Pacific University, engaged in a discussion of topics in holistic nutrition, themed “Food as Medicine.” The panel and scholarship contest are part of the annual Student Alliance for Integrative Medicine (SAIM) event celebrating Integrative Medicine Day. The conference at the OHSU Collaborative Life Sciences building also featured expert panel discussions on integrative approaches to physical performance and managing chronic illness in pediatric patients.

In reflecting on the process of selecting a finalist, OCOM’s SAIM representative Mallory Harman remembers: “We were so impressed with Diego’s story, his passion for the medicine, his ability to articulate his ideas, and his firm and confident ability to speak on the spot.” Garcia said of his winning video and panel performance, “I’m really excited to represent OCOM and to do my best to keep our school at the forefront of natural medicine.” Congratulations to Diego and all the contest finalists!

Diego Garcia - Oregon College of Oriental Medicine
Derich Hartfeil - National University of Natural Medicine
Arthur Knepper - Oregon Health and Science University
Natasha Smith - University of Western States
Jeff Szabo - Pacific University

Watch OCOM’s contest entries streaming online:

2017 winner Diego Garcia’s video on whole grain pancake and waffle mix:

All the OCOM 2017 contest submissions:
https://youtu.be/cXajeiPeXTI by Leah Friend

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLit0umjzfI&edit=vd by Beth Randles

https://youtu.be/EesNaOKKkAs by Elizabeth Marr

https://youtu.be/bJ-bhguVJHg by Dixie Small

2015 and 2016 winner Travis Kern’s videos on kamut and teff:

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