In 1982, the college’s founders Satya Ambrose, ND, LAc, and Eric Stephens, DAOM, LAc, knew the region was in need of something extraordinary. The people of Portland needed the life-changing powers of acupuncture and Chinese medicine, yet, they were missing a high quality training program to pass on the knowledge. Oregon College of Oriental Medicine was then established in 1983 as a place to receive training in both acupuncture and Chinese medicine, graduating its first class in 1986.

Marking OCOM’s 40th year in operation, we have much to be proud of! Our 1,500+ alumni have gone on to do great things, including eight being recognized as Portland’s Top Docs. Some go off and volunteer their services in Nepal through the Acupuncture Relief Project, while others give back by becoming faculty members at OCOM, teaching the next generations of healers. 

Since its inception, OCOM has also placed great emphasis on establishing and maintaining community partnerships, and has received grants from Kaiser Permanente over the past four years to support access to acupuncture care for low-income patients in the Portland metropolitan area. This past year, OCOM was selected as a Fora Health Community Partner of the Year, and is an active member of the Coalition of Community Health Clinics. 

So what’s new on the horizon for OCOM? 
OCOM is proud to support the newly funded Topological Atlas and Repository for Acupoint (TARA) research project. Using OCOM’s database of acupuncture treatment results, the TARA project will bring together anatomy, physiology, data science, and traditional Chinese medicine to advance the science of acupuncture.

On September 14, 2023, the community and its supporters will come together to celebrate OCOM’s forty years of accomplishments at our Ruby Jubilee event. Purchase tickets to attend the event and learn about other ways to support OCOM’s mission of providing a future of hope and healing.