OCOM Alumni Association Scholarship

Master's student Jordan Ganz received the 2018 OCOM Alumni Scholarship Award. The OCOM Alumni Association has provided this reoccurring scholarship opportunity for continuing OCOM students since 2013.

The association's Board had a difficult year deciding the winner of their scholarship. The stakes were high. Scholarship contestants were asked to create a marketing piece to promote their future acupuncture and Chinese medicine practice. Jordan Ganz’s professional brochure excelled in the competition.

OCOM’s 1,400+ graduates stay connected and create a pool of resources for growing the acupuncture and Chinese medicine profession through the OCOM Alumni Association. In addition, the association has made a commitment to continue to support students who excel in the program. For more information on the OCOM Alumni Association, visit alumni.ocom.edu.

Nathan J. Heide Scholarship

OCOM alum Nathan J. Heide, DAOM, LAc of Anjuna Medicine in Eugene, Oregon, awarded his $1,000 scholarship for 2018. Incoming OCOM master's student Zoe Meyers is the recipient of the 2018 Nathan J. Heide Scholarship Award.

In her winning essay, Meyers addressed how her training as a medical provider can restore a space for creativity, imagination, and self-expression in patients who suffer from disease. Meyers wrote “[In Chinese medicine treatments, the] …format of questioning allows patients to draw connections between the numerous body systems, between mental and physical wellness. In telling their health story in this unfolding and holistic format, patients view, perhaps for the first time, their fully integrated self. The practitioner can support this aim by fostering a safe, open space and making patients feel free to share every detail, even those that seem minor—perhaps risky—but contribute to their self-exploration. This practice of reflection deepens after clinical questioning as patients begin therapy that, unlike other treatments, carves out the peace and silence that patients need to achieve creative flow.”

OCOM is extremely proud to count on the support of its alumni and to channel their desire to stay connected. In the words of Dr. Nathan J. Heide, “OCOM is a leader in health care diversity and transformational development” and that is what drove him to develop this scholarship opportunity.

This is the first year of a multiple-year pledge of the Nathan J. Heide Scholarship. For more information about Anjuna Medicine, visit their website.

Beaverton Acupuncture Scholarship

This fall, thanks to the support of the Beaverton Acupuncture Herbal Clinic/Shuyi Dong Scholarship, OCOM is able to welcome incoming doctoral students, Nuttaphat Stonnisgul and Elizabeth Maximin, each with a $1,500 scholarship.

Shuyi Dong, MD, LAc and her Beaverton Acupuncture Herbal Clinic have demonstrated a strong commitment to support OCOM and the development of the acupuncture and Chinese medicine profession. For this scholarship application, the students were asked to speak about how their community and service experiences have informed the vision for their practice. Stonnisgul’s and Maximin’s testimonies gained them their award.

OCOM is grateful for the opportunity to carry the legacy of such an accomplished practitioner in our community and to honor her desire to support our graduate students.