88-year-old visionary leader in whole food nutrient solutions and long term supporter of OCOM’s scholarship program, Standard Process, granted their 2018 Scholarship award to OCOM Doctoral student Phonexay Simon.
Phonexay’s and other contestants’ essays addressed how they adapt their Chinese medicine training to deal with the nutritional challenges faced by the American public.  “I explain to all of my patients the principles of Chinese medicine: moderation, balance, and personalization. I explain the importance of eating to their constitution and TCM pattern, whatever that might be. Additionally, I offer advice based on other Chinese medicine principles such as eating at consistent times, trying to eat in a state of relaxation, and encouraging movement and exercise to facilitate proper digestion based on principles of the Lung and Large Intestine relationship of the Zang organs. Almost always, I find that most patients are very appreciative with these clarifications that are based on an ancient philosophy of balance and wellness,” explains Phonexay Simon in her Standard Process scholarship award winning essay.

OCOM is proud to be consider a partner in Standard Process goal of making nutrition a priority. We are also grateful for Standard Process leadership in supporting educational endeavors and scholarship opportunities. For more information about Standard Process, please visit www.standardprocess.com.