River Map Radio is a project created by OCOM Student Media addressing a variety of topics under the umbrella of Chinese medicine, from pragmatic clinical topics all the way to esoteric theoretical constructs. Hosted by Travis Cunningham and produced by Travis Kern, this series features the broad talents and diverse expertise of the OCOM community. Whether you desire to know more about how Chinese herbal medicine formulas are prescribed or whether you want to know what it is really like to study Chinese medicine, there is something here for you.

Designed to highlight the intellectual variety of the Chinese medicine field and reflect the student experience at OCOM, River Map Radio is the only podcast of its kind told from the student perspective. With three episodes available to date, fellow AOM students, faculty, and patients of acupuncture and Chinese medicine are invited to look deeper into this growing field of medicine. Learn more about the #1 acupuncture school in Oregon and the U.S. and how the practice of Chinese medicine is moving the needle on health care and health promotion.

These podcast episodes are available for free download through Stitcher and iTunes. Listen to the inaugural episode of River Map radio, "Chinese Medicine: Then and Now."