Thanks to the generosity of two of our community’s most philanthropic organizations, individuals struggling with both a lack of financial resources and serious physical challenges now have access to critical treatment that often leads to significant improvements in health and quality of life. Major grant commitments by the Kaiser Permanente Foundation and the Maybelle Clark Macdonald Fund have cleared the path to accessing acupuncture and Chinese medicine treatments for dozens of low-income patients at Oregon College of Oriental Medicine’s teaching clinics in the Portland area.

The grants allow those who qualify to receive care at a fraction of the cost for conditions such as addiction, anxiety, arthritis, cancer, chronic pain, heart disease, migraines, and others. For many, their health challenges have been unresolved or only partially resolved by Western medicine, with access to care often blocked or limited by lack of insurance or financial means.

The treatments are provided at OCOM’s two teaching clinics, located on our campus in Old Town and in Northeast Portland’s Hollywood district, which offer effective, low-cost and compassionate care delivered by student interns overseen by fully trained, highly qualified licensed practitioners who are also instructors.

Providing access to care for our community’s most vulnerable citizens is a priority for OCOM, and we are grateful for the commitment of like-minded philanthropic partners in this important work.

One OCOM patient who benefited from this support is Kevin. At 26, Kevin’s active lifestyle was halted by a broken leg that eventually led to chronic pain, addiction, and houselessness. 

“I started going to OCOM where I could get discounted rates for acupuncture. It was a way for me as a person without any income to get medical help, and so I started going to OCOM when I first got sober.

With continued care and support from OCOM, and the support of the Kaiser Permanente Foundation and Maybelle Clark McDonald Fund grants, Kevin continues to thrive. 

“I am so grateful to OCOM for leading me to a healthier and more fulfilling life - and continue to support me on my journey." 

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