School Acknowledgement:
Oregon College of Oriental Medicine has signed and returned the certification and agreement form, and intends to use the funds to provide at least 50% of the emergency financial aid grants to students.

Funds Available to Students:
The total amount of HEERF I funds available to students = $50,048 

The total amount of HEERF II funds available to students = $50,048 

Funds Disbursed/Approved to Students:
Amount distributed to students as of date of report, 5-28-2020 = $50,048 

Total Number of Students Eligible for Title IV Federal Aid, and Therefore Eligible for HEERF Emergency Funds
Total students eligible to apply for funds = 210  

Total Number of Students Who have Received/Were Approved an Emergency Financial Aid Grant (as of May 11, 2020)
Total number received grant = 40

Policy for Determining Which Students Did, or Will Receive Emergency Financial Aid Grant and How Much Funding They Did or Will Receive

  1. Student submits a “Cost of Attendance Increase Form” specifying what they need, how much it will cost, and why they need it (must be tied to disruption of campus classes due to COVID-19) to the financial aid office
    1. A receipt is not needed to accompany the request, but no funds will be issued to the student until a receipt for the approved purchase is received.
  2. Students can request up to $2000 total for expenses
  3. The financial aid office staff reviews all requests.
    1. Review includes checking to see if the student has completed a FAFSA application and qualifies for federal Title IV aid and what their federally defined financial need is. 
  4. The financial aid office staff approves or declines based on multiple factors, including: If request meets criteria for being related to campus closure due to COVID-19 and not just COVID-19 pandemic in general. 
    1. If staff don’t know if request should be approved, they will reach out to work with the campus committee in charge of the HEERF Emergency Funds for feedback. 
  5. The financial aid office staff will notify the student if their request is approved or denied and if approved, for what amount it is approved for. 
  6. Emergency fund checks will be sent to the students in the standard check batch process once a month unless there is an urgent need by the student for an earlier issue date. 

Instructions/Announcements for Students:
The college posted two general announcements to all students informing them of the funds being available and how to apply for the funds. 

First Announcement to students:

Second Announcement to students:

IRS Instructions for CARES Act funds for tax purposes:

September 30 Quarterly Report for CARES Act 18004(a)(1) Institutional Portion and 18004(a)(3)
9.30.2020 Quarterly Report