Fora Health is a medically assisted addiction treatment facility in southeast Portland. OCOM has two internship shifts supervised by Connie Jan, MAcOM, LAc and Bonnie Sweetland, MAcOM, LAc, who guide clinical interns through treating patients with substance use disorders. These supervisors have also expanded acupuncture services to treat the care providers at Fora Health. OCOM students also teach qigong at Fora Health to help provide patients with ways to soothe their qi and help reconnect with their bodies.

Each June, Fora Health recognizes key community partners and donors that help make their mission possible. This year Oregon College of Oriental Medicine (OCOM) was recognized as a valued community partner, and was celebrated at a June 1, 2023 gathering.

Associate Dean of Clinical Studies, Katherine Annala, DAOM, LAc, will lead a presentation on acupuncture and qigong this September for the health providers at Fora, and invites you to visit the Fora Health website to learn more about the important work being done at this facility. 

OCOM students interested in obtaining community outreach credits for teaching at Fora Health can contact our community outreach coordinator, Kerrie Nasman.

Katherine Annala displays OCOM's award from Fora Health