Wisdom of Master Nagano: Foundational Training Program

01 February 2020 08:00 – 17:00
Category: Continuing Education

Why study this system?
"Our goal as medical practitioners is to treat each patient appropriately & effectively.  In my years of practicing what Master Nagano has taught me, I continue to experience the wisdom of exploring the depth of this theory, the precision of the evaluation and beauty of the treatments."


"I look forward to meeting you and learning with you! You will become more confident treating your patients. Moreover, you will learn techniques to advise patients with self-care. Your patients will feel the benefits, leading to a happier 'state-of-mind'. In turn, this provides us increased motivation to study further and work harder to deliver results that patients enjoy!" -Tsuyoshi Shimamura


February 1-2, 2020; Foundations 3: Review of all material; How to treat the core/pivot of abdomen

  • Saturday: 9-6 & Sunday 8-5