Lan Su Lecture Series: Frontier Doctors

22 May 2018 14:00 – 15:00
Location: Lan Su Chinese Garden, Northwest Everett Street 239, Portland, Oregon, United States
Category: Public Event


Learn more about holistic Chinese medicine with this ongoing lecture series held every Tuesday at 2 p.m. in May & October at Lan Su Chinese Garden. Tea, samples or a demonstration will be shared at each event.

Free with Lan Su membership or admission; no registration is required.


Chronic sinus and seasonal sinus problems don't have to linger. Learn about common Chinese herbal remedies and strategies for breathing easier and staving off the cycle of seasonal allergies. 


May 22 — Frontier Doctors and Other Pioneers: The History of Chinese Medicine in Oregon

Join OCOM for Frontier Doctors and Other Pioneers: The History of Chinese Medicine in Oregon, a presentation by Beth Howlett, LAc, OCOM alum, faculty member, and current board president of the Oregon Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (OAAOM). 

May 29 — Teas for the Season

Learn about the history of tea in Chinese culture and medicine. Sample OCOM medicinary blends for overall well-being. 

October 2 — Housing the Spirit: Chinese Medicine for Depression, Anxiety and Emotional Well-Being

Stress, anxiety and emotional imbalance happen to everyone at some point in life. Chinese medicine takes a unique and holistic approach to emotional health rooted in the mind, body and spirit. Learn more about the opportunities for healing and growth with a Chinese medicine approach to mental health care. 

October 9 — Autumn Wind: Prevention of Common Cold in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Everyone knows how getting the flu feels. The sudden onset of chills, fever and a sore neck are the typical signs of a “wind strike” according to traditional Chinese medicine theory. Wind is the pathogen associated with autumn and many common upper-respiratory, skin and allergy problems. Learn more about how to understand and prevent conditions related to “wind” in this lecture.

October 16 — Nourishing Traditions: Eating Well During the Autumn Season with Chinese Medical Nutrition

Nutrition is the cornerstone of Chinese medicine. Learn how to nourish yourself through the transition from autumn into winter with foods that match the season. 

October 23 — Microsystems in Chinese Medicine: Reflexology Self Massage

Microsystems in Chinese medicine are mapped onto parts of the body like the scalp, ears, hands and feet. Simple self massage which can be use in daily life and have many benefits for personal well-being. 

October 30 — Nourishing Yin: Chinese Medicine for Women's Health

Many women suffer from PMS, menopausal symptoms and hormone related disorders, but the cycles of a woman's life don't have to been imbalanced. Join OCOM faculty for a lecture on Chinese medical approaches to women's wellness.