Annual Alumni Free CE Day!

02 June 2018 08:00 – 20:00
Location: OCOM Campus, Northwest Couch Street 75, Portland, Oregon, United States
Category: Continuing Education

Welcome back, Alumni, for this free day of six CEUs and a Thai buffet lunch!

We are proud to announce this year’s OCOM Community presenters! The morning is choose-your-own-adventure: Wei Wu Wei: Exploring Daoist Principles and Business Concepts with Sharyn Allyson, DAOM, LAc, or Chinese Cosmology for Diagnosis with Sonny Thammasouk, MAcOM, LAc. The afternoon features Eric Stephens, DAOM, LAc teaching his own Stephens Shu Point System, with hands-on practice that you’ll leave able to use in your practice right away.

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