Based on a philosophy of lifetime support for its community of graduated students, OCOM provides ongoing continuing education seminars for acupuncturists.

Licensed practitioners with NCCAOM diplomate status are required to attend and document 60 hours of continuing education units every four years from the time of their initial certification with the national organization. This is the standard also recognized by the state of Oregon for maintenance of state licensure to practice acupuncture and Chinese medicine. NCCAOM certification and the Oregon Medical Board (OMB) further requires practitioners to acquire specific continuing education units in such areas as ethics and pain management. OCOM’s Continuing Education program strives to offer seminars that satisfy these requirements while also providing solid subject matter in areas vital to clinical effectiveness and deeper understanding of Chinese medicine theory. Practitioners who participate in continuing education on a regular basis strengthen their treatment strategies, broaden their ability to solve difficult cases and have opportunities to network with other acupuncturists and allied health care providers.

The Continuing Education program offers practitioners an economical means of attending high quality seminars. Discounted seminar fees are available to alumni and for those who register early. OCOM students are invited to attend seminars at a significantly discounted noncredit rate.

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