OCOM’s clinics offer affordable one-on-one acupuncture. This service is designed to support patients with acute and chronic conditions in achieving optimal health through all that Chinese medicine has to offer. Each visit lasts about 75 minutes, and costs $25-35. Interview and treatment are provided by a student intern practicing under the direct supervision of an experienced, licensed acupuncturist.

*At this time, OCOM students cannot accept patients with open Motor Vehicle, Workman's Compensation, or Personal Injury claims.  

Ask about faculty practitioners services when making your appointment, if you have an active Motor Vehicle Accident, Personal Injury or Workman's Compensation claim and we would be happy to assist you with a referral.

Make an appointment today and find your path to wellness! 

Your first visit
Plan on arriving at the clinic 30 minutes before your appointment time to complete your medical history. Interns work with patients in a private consultation room to gather information, formulate a treatment plan and perform an acupuncture treatment. In the course of the visit, one or two student interns will conduct an in-depth interview and review of body systems. After conferring with the clinic supervisor, your student intern will provide your acupuncture treatment. After the treatment, your intern will work with you to plan future treatments, if necessary.

Follow-up visits
In the course of a follow-up visit, one or two student interns will review your progress since your last treatment. After conferring with the clinic supervisor, your student intern will provide your acupuncture treatment. Your intern may also provide a prescription for Chinese herbs.

What to expect in your acupuncture treatment
Acupuncture treatment is a traditional form of medicine. It was developed in ancient China and has been used successfully for many centuries. Acupuncture can treat many different health problems, and is known to be safe. Treatments are done by highly trained practitioners, using fine, solid-metal needles, about the width of human hair, and much smaller than the kinds of hollow needles that are used for injections.

The acupunture needles are inserted at special locations just beneath the skin. The needles are sterile, and they are used only once, and then safely discarded. Some patients do not feel the needles. Others feel some sensations (usually mild).

Your practitioner may also use adjunct therapies such as electro-acupuncture, moxibustion, gua sha, cupping, Chinese herbs, and massage. See Services Overview for more details.