In addition to the services provided by our student interns, OCOM’s clinics offer one-on-one visits with members of our esteemed faculty and staff. These private practitioners have many different areas of expertise, including pain management, women’s health, and healthy aging. Call us at 503-445-0951 to find out more!

Insurance coverage for acupuncture treatments?
Health insurance is accepted by some of OCOM’s private practitioners. Please discuss insurance with our Patient Services Team when you call to make an appointment!

All insurance policies vary in their coverage options. Consult your insurance provider for details on your policy’s approach to acupuncture and other alternative treatments.

Professional Acupuncture
Licensed acupuncturists provide one-on-one acupuncture and Chinese herbal care. (50-90 minutes)

Professional Massage
Licensed massage therapists offer one-on-one Chinese (tuina) and Japanese (shiatsu) massage. (50-90 minutes)

Professional Herbal Consultation
Licensed practitioners develop customized Chinese herbal formulas; prescriptions are filled in our on-campus OCOM Herbal Medicinary. (50 minutes)