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Patient care is at the heart of OCOM's educational program. We are able to offer affordable acupuncture, herbal consultation and massage for the public thanks to our teaching clinics. Master's students work under the direct supervision of more experienced practitioners as they complete their required 700 hours of clinical education. All of our clinical supervisors have been working for at least five years; many more than 20 years. Students have an opportunity to learn from supervisors while working directly with patients. 

OCOM's Weekend Specialty Clinics are staffed by our doctoral students, licensed practitioners who turn to OCOM to receive advanced training. Supervisors for our doctoral clinics are among the most respected practitioners in the field of Chinese medicine. 

 Schedule an Appointment

Contact our Patient Services Team to schedule your next appointment: 503-445-0950. Supervised student interns as well as licensed faculty and private practitioners are available to treat you.* Treatment options include acupuncture, Chinese herbs, massage and a number of other modalities of Chinese medicine. All patients will be asked to complete a financial policies agreement. Should you wish to be considered for the sliding scale, you will be required to answer a few brief questions regarding your household income; your rate will be assessed accordingly at either $35, $30, or $25. If you do not wish to apply for the sliding scale, you will pay $35. Non-OCOM college students, active duty military, veterans, senior citizens (65 and older), and individuals receiving SSD/I, WIC, or Oregon Trail Card (SNAP) will continue to pay $25 with valid ID for the services listed above.

*At this time, OCOM students cannot accept patients with open Motor Vehicle, Workers' Compensation, or Personal Injury claims.  

Ask about faculty practitioners services when making your appointment, if you have an active Motor Vehicle Accident, Personal Injury or Workers' Compensation claim and we would be happy to assist you with a referral.

The college operates two treatment clinics: OCOM Clinic, on the 4th floor of our campus building in Portland's Old Town Chinatown neighborhood, and OCOM Hollywood Clinic in northeast Portland's historic Hollywood District.

OCOM Clinic

75 NW Couch Street, 4th Floor, Portland, OR 97209 (NW 1st and Couch)
Hours: Monday through Saturday, 8:00 AM–6:30 PM

OCOM Hollywood Clinic

2029 NE César E Chávez Blvd, Portland, OR 97212 (NE 39th and Tillamook)
Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM–6:30 PM 

Contact our Patient Services Team to schedule your next appointment: 503-445-0950


Teaching Clinic Services

Student Intern Acupuncture
Master’s program students provide supervised acupuncture and Chinese herbal care. (70 minutes)
$25-35 per visit - To schedule a treatment, call 503-445-0951.

Herbal Consultation
Master’s program students develop customized Chinese herbal formulas; prescriptions are filled at our on-site OCOM Herbal Medicinary. (50 minutes)
$5, plus cost of herbs - To schedule a consultation, call 503-445-0951.

Massage: Tuina / Shiatsu
Master’s program student interns provide both tuina and shiatsu massage. Tuina (twee_NAH), a Chinese style of massage, utilizes techniques like kneading, pressing, rolling, shaking and stretching to treat musculoskeletal problems and improve the functions of channels, internal organs, tendons, bones and joints. Shiatsu (shee-AHT-soo) is a Japanese style of massage that seeks to enhance the flow of qi by stimulating pressure points with fingers, hands, and arms.
$25-35 per visit - To schedule a treatment, call 503-445-0951.

Licensed Private Practitioners

Professional Acupuncture
Licensed acupuncturists provide one-on-one acupuncture and Chinese herbal care. (50-75 minutes)

Professional Massage
Licensed massage therapists offer one-on-one Japanese shiatsu and Chinese tuina massage. (50-90 minutes)

Professional Herbal Consultation 
Licensed practitioners develop customized Chinese herbal formulas; prescriptions are filled at the on-site OCOM Herbal Medicinary. (50 min.)

OCOM licensed private practitioners are able to bill insurance for workers' compensation and automobile accident personal injury services. Insurance policies vary in their coverage; please mention that your appointment is in relation to a claim when calling to schedule your appointment.

Your Practitioners

Student interns in the final year of their clinical training provide supervised treatments alongside licensed private practitioners (many of whom are OCOM alumni) and faculty members.

OCOM Herbal Medicinary

The OCOM Herbal Medicinary supports both our licensed and student clinicians by preparing custom formulas in-house and offering a wide selection of prepared products for over-the-counter sale. The medicinary also supports private practice herbalists working locally and throughout the United States.

Our unique web-based custom formula ordering platform allows a practitioner to log into their account, place an order for a custom formula or products, and tailor pickup or shipping options for patients across the country. Fax, phone, and walk-in orders are also accepted. A courier service between OCOM’s campus and Hollywood locations is available as a courtesy to clients.

All custom formulas and individual Chinese herbs must be authorized by a licensed healthcare professional; patent remedies and other pre-packaged products are available without a prescription.