Group acupuncture is designed to support patients with acute and chronic conditions in maintaining optimal health after a more in-depth initial visit and treatment plan have been established. Each 45-minute visit costs $10. Your interview and treatment are provided by a student intern practicing under the direct supervision of an experienced, licensed acupuncturist.

Group acupuncture occurs in a large room with patients seated in reclining chairs. Each student practitioner works with two or more patients at a time. Since this is a semi-public setting, patients do not remove clothing while receiving acupuncture. Treatments that affect the health of the whole body are accomplished using acupuncture points located in the arms, legs, ears, and head. Relaxing music is played. Many patients fall asleep while needles are in, and are allowed to rest with needles until they wake up.

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*Group acupuncture may not be held every quarter. Confirm with your Patient Services Team: 503-445-0950.