Explore Chinese medicine and acupuncture's role in treating common health conditions. These brief information sheets — digitally formatted PDFs for easy download, printing, and sharing — are designed with simple self-care tips that may improve outcomes when combined with an individualized treatment plan. For optimal results, set up an appointment today with OCOM's student or faculty practitioners and begin your personal path to well-being. Call 503-445-0951 to schedule an appointment.

What is Chinese Medicine? — A primer on the history and practices of acupuncture, Chinese herbs and bodywork

Healing Low Back Pain with Chinese Medicine — Simple self-care tips for and guidelines for treating back pain with acupuncture

Dysmenorrhea and Chinese Medicine — Can acupuncture treat painful periods?

Breath, Work, and Chinese Medicine — Tips for reducing stress and staying mindful through simple breathing exercises

Healthy Blood Pressure and Chinese Medicine — Manage heart health with a whole-body approach

The Common Cold and Chinese Medicine — Explore Chinese herbs and supplements for managing symptoms of the common cold  

Breast Health and Chinese Medicine — Tips and tricks for reducing stress and risks for breast cancer

Healthy Sleep and Chinese Medicine — Simple self-care tips and tricks for a better night’s sleep   

Nutrition as Chinese Medicine — Explore the elements of Chinese constitutional cuisine

Male Reproductive Health and Chinese Medicine — Acupuncture’s effect for common health concerns among men at all stages of life

Tips for Quitting Smoking — A before-and-after plan to take back your health using acupuncture and self care

Qigong Self-Massage Basics — A routine for relaxing the mind through acupressure