Each student has a different story about what brought them to study acupuncture and Chinese medicine. For Christine Knight, MAcOM, LAc (Class of 2003), it’s about how she found relief, healing from a string of injuries from her very active lifestyle. “My injuries as an acrobatic dancer in my twenties led me to acupuncture. I was so impressed with the rate of healing. I found myself asking lots of questions. It began to seem like a natural fit, to pursue a career as a healer.”

Her sacrum occasionally goes out, causing relentless muscle spasms and pain for days, with difficulty walking and general misery. She relies heavily upon her own practitioners during these times. “It’s never pleasant, but it’s a potent reminder of what my patients are experiencing in terms of pain. It keeps me in touch with how important it is to ask for help. I have always advocated that patients take responsibility for their own health. It’s one of the most empowering things they can do for themselves.”

Originally from Philadelphia, she attended the University of Michigan before heading west to study at Oregon School of Massage and, ultimately, Oregon College of Oriental Medicine. Despite recurring back pain, Knight has maintained the physical lifestyle that began as a child. “People don’t usually know that I played a lot of team ice hockey as a kid.” These days, she practices tango dancing, general “outdoor adventure,” and strenuous Oregon gardening.

Knight is excited to talk about her most recent move — into a beautiful, completely sustainable building in Southeast Portland. She has gone into practice with an osteopathic doctor who does psychiatric work. “We are collaborating with some of her patients, which is a new and sometimes very challenging direction for me.” Read more about Knight's current practice, including her work in the community acupuncture field, at her clinic's website.