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Our 1,400+ alumni are leaders in the field, working in private practice, hospitals, integrated clinics, public health organizations, product development, international aid, and in research and academia. OCOM’s ranking as the top acupuncture school in the nation allows our graduates to enter their profession as trained providers ready for success.

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“The alumni are a vital part of the OCOM community. Strengthening the connection between the college and our alums — and encouraging our mutual growth — is beneficial to everyone involved."

— Liz March, DAOM, LAc, faculty member and President of OCOM Alumni Association

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OCOM Herbal Medicinary

Supporting both our licensed and student clinicians, and their patients, we prepare custom formulas in-house and offer a wide selection of prepared products for over-the-counter sale. We also support private practice herbalists working locally and throughout the United States.

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