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Founded in 1983, OCOM is the number one ranked acupuncture and Chinese medicine college in the nation. We are a single-purpose professional graduate school whose defined values – excellence, leadership, healing, innovation, community and service – guide OCOM’s two degree programs and distinguish our graduates as they lead the way forward in the transformation of health and healing. 

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  • Average pass rate on national licensure exam is 92 percent
  • Average class size for hands-on courses is 20 students and 40 students for lecture classes
  • OCOM’s clinics saw 20,923 patient visits last year
  • Ratio of clinic supervisors to students equals 1:4
  • Eleven full-time faculty members, along with 48 part-time faculty, bring a diversity of experience to the classroom.
  • OCOM graduates see an average of 27.5 patients each week
  • A consistently low default rate on Federal Financial Aid Student Loan Program


OCOM’s campus in Old Town Chinatown brings healing to the heart of the Portland community. Students have access to all the amenities offered in the city while learning in a first-class facility. Learn more about Portland, Oregon.

 Clinical Education

Clinical education provides practical, hands-on patient care experience, allowing each student to explore and develop their individual practice and career path. Clinical externships provide students with opportunities to serve diverse populations — the elderly, street youth, addiction, women’s health — in organizations such as Outside In, Central City Concern, and Oregon Health Sciences University and Hospital. Such service to the community works toward our mission to transform health care.

Learn more about the specifics of the curriculum's clinical education component in Degree Programs.


OCOM maintains a core of faculty members with an intentional mix of China- and Western-trained practitioners/instructors. Our biomedicine faculty members are naturopathic physicians who are also licensed acupuncturists, enabling them to make the Western medicine courses relevant for practitioners of Chinese medicine. Learn about OCOM's faculty members.


OCOM is committed to working closely with our alumni as they develop their practices and become leaders in the field. Our 1,300+ OCOM alumni are working in...

Private Practice 

Graduate Schools as Deans and Faculty 

Integrated Health Clinics



International Aid Nonprofits

Public Health Organizations

Wellness Product Development

Looking to shadow an OCOM alum in their practice? Contact us.

 Professional Development Center

  • Practice management, marketing and business courses are integrated throughout the curriculum
  • Provides individual counseling, presentations by professionals in the field, and finance education
  • Offers opportunities to engage with professional organizations such as Student Alliance for Integrative Medicine (SAIM) and Oregon Collaborative for Integrative Medicine (OCIM)
  • Learn more about resources provided by OCOM's Professional Development Center


OCOM's Research Department enhances evidence-informed health care through innovative design, evaluation and dissemination of research on acupuncture, herbal medicine and other East Asian therapies. Our researchers, faculty members and work-study students collaborate with colleagues at complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) and conventional medicinal institutions, both locally and nationally, on research, education and clinical care.

 Mind-Body Medicine

Mind-body medicine uses the effects of the mind on the physical body to maintain wellness, promote healing, and treat disease. After exposure to the mind-body program at Georgetown University, OCOM faculty initiated a similar program whose goal was changing students’ experience to positively impact empathic ideals and emotional and relational well-being. Initial research suggests a positive effect on participating students’ behavior and attitude.

Learn about OCOM's entry-level professional degrees  |  Learn about degree completion and terminal degrees