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Tuition for Entry-level Professional Degrees 2019-2020

OCOM offers a programmatic tuition rate (a flat rate per quarter), giving you the opportunity to take additional elective courses at no additional cost.

Program    MAc    MACM    DACM/MACM
Quarterly Tuition    $5,818*    $5,800**   $6,288*** 
Total Program Tuition    $64,000    $92,810   $100,600
Number of Quarters   11     16   16 
Total months to
complete program
(Two-year, 10 month)

*$5,820 first quarter only; **5,810 first quarter only; ***$6,280 first quarter only 

Tuition for DACM Completion and DAOM 2019-2020

Program    DACM Completion Track    DAOM
Quarterly Tuition    $2,900    $9,875
Total Program Tuition    $11,600    $39,500
Number of Quarters   4   Modular format -
Four (4) payment periods
Total months to
complete program
  • DAOM: To assist students with payment of tuition, the college provides for each academic year’s tuition to be paid in two installments of $9,875 each (at no additional charge to students). Due dates for each tuition payment are yet to be determined.
  • Tuition costs exclude travel, lodging, books, supplies, fees, malpractice insurance fee ($200/yr), or expenses related to clinical externship electives. Students should anticipate and plan for these additional expenses.
  • Download our Financial Aid Overview.

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*Contact the Admissions team for program-specific feee information.

Fees for Entry-level Professional Degrees 2019-2020
Application Fee (nonrefundable) $75
Student Activity Fee (per quarter) $20
New Student Orientation Fee $50
Academic and Student Services Fee (Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters) $125
Clinic Fee per quarter (Clinical Interns) $40
Book, Lab, and Course Materials (estimated) $1,110 per year 
Late Registration Fee $10 first day, $5 each day thereafter 
Late Payment Plan Fee $10 first day, $5 each day thereafter 
Section/Drop/Add Change Fee $10
Make-up Examination Fee $50 
Challenge Examination Fee $50 per exam
Change of Grade Fee $10
Transcript Fee $5
Transfer Student Evaluation Fee $150
Advanced Standing Evaluation Fee $150
Returned Check Fee $45
Payment Plan Fee (per quarter) $20
Clinic Continuation Fee $500 per shift 
Locker Fee $20 per year

Fees for DACM Completion and DAOM 2019-2020
Application Fee (nonrefundable) $75
New Student Orientation Fee $50
Malpractice insurance fee, per year $200
Clinic locker fee, per year $20
Transfer student evaluation fee  $150
Challenge exam fee (nonrefundable) $50
Make-up clinical work, per hour $50
Make-up didactic work, per hour $50
Make-up exam fee $25
Make-up comprehensive exam fee $100
Change of grade fee $10
Transcript fee $5
Returned check fee $45
Academic and Student Services fee, per year $300
Clinic fee, per year $50


The college offers more than 100 scholarship opportunities for incoming students. OCOM is committed to supporting students through a variety of competitive scholarships, and can assist students in researching additional opportunities.

*Board of Trustees Doctoral ScholarshipOCOM’s Board of Trustees has authorized scholarships for Fall 2019’s incoming DAOM students. Each student who qualifies for and is accepted into the Fall 2019 DAOM program will receive up to $5,000 in the Board of Trustees Doctoral Scholarship award.