Emma Reisch, Admissions Coordinator

Oregon is an amazingly diverse state. I love exploring its natural wonders, and its roadside (and off-road) attractions. At home, I love to experiment in the kitchen and am always on the lookout for recipe ideas to make my own; I try to incorporate aspects of nutrition and herbs that I pick up at work. My BA in history is from Portland State University.

The best part of working at OCOM is the sense of community and being surrounded by those dedicated to health and healing. Working in Admissions is great; I get to help people achieve their dreams of becoming a practitioner of Chinese medicine.

OCOM’s mission statement is quite literal — it transforms health care through the education of skilled and compassionate practitioners.

I take the lead in administrative aspects of the admissions process, including events, scheduling interviews, and auditing our files.

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Carolyn Dennis, Admissions Counselor

As a member of the OCOM Admissions team (since 2016), I bring a sociology degree and an appreciation of qi, the essence of life’s balance. I feel it’s important to identify those things — external or internal — that bring imbalance to one’s life, and find ways to bring back that balance. It’s an ongoing path to wholeness.

What engages me? I enjoy color, design and symmetry. I am a jewelry artist, a baker, an artist, and music lover. I enjoy kayaking, tasty ethnic food (with some heat!), and Friday movie nights with my family. I make a mean savory homemade kettlecorn.

I feel very fortunate to work for OCOM, a community of educators who are dedicated to excellence, leadership, healing, innovation, community, and service — the values that support it’s mission. I’m making it my own mission to support future and current students to be the best they can be as they grow professionally and personally.

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Anna Grace, Director of Admissions

I am an independent athlete (running, biking, hiking) and a passionate participant of art and music. I’m told I have a “contagious spirit” that lives, learns, and grows in this environment of service and healing. OCOM feeds my interest in Chinese herbs, nutrition, and preventative care.

I studied at both University of Oregon and Oregon State University, receiving a BA in Psychology and a MEd in College Student Services Administration.

Working at OCOM gives me the opportunity to lead an extraordinary team, and make a difference in the company of exceptional individuals. Together we make purposeful decisions about our health. I am most excited about our mission to transform health care. Chinese medicine changes lives, and makes it possible for integrative approaches to advance our health care system today.

I manage the admissions, recruitment, and enrollment processes for our master’s and doctoral programs.

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